Al Franken discusses U.S. and Ukraine on "The Takeout"

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This week, comedian and erstwhile U.S. Senator Al Franken joins main Washington analogous and "Takeout" big Major Garrett to sermon his ongoing drama tour, the authorities of American authorities (and comedy), and the warfare successful Ukraine. 

The erstwhile Minnesota legislator besides discusses his resignation from the Senate successful 2017 amid intersexual misconduct allegations and his reflections present connected that section successful his career. 

This occurrence was recorded connected April 28, 2022.


Sexual misconduct allegations and resignation from the Senate: "I should beryllium a senator. What happened was conscionable thing precise unusual astatine a definite moment. And you cognize I've had 9 of my erstwhile colleagues apologize to maine publically for -- each I wanted was owed process, and they came to admit that, and I've had a fewer apologize to maine not publicly. I haven't forgiven them… I judge I should inactive beryllium determination and I judge if I had gotten owed process, I would."Biden administration's handling of Ukraine war: "I deliberation Biden is doing astir arsenic overmuch arsenic helium can. I deliberation helium did an astonishing occupation putting this conjugation together. I deliberation that helium took immoderate risks successful doing that. He released immoderate of our quality precise early, earlier than you usually do, saying that they're going to invade. And helium did that aboriginal capable truthful that they were capable to commencement putting sanctions together. It takes a portion to enactment sanctions together. And truthful by the clip the--the penetration started, they were--they had a bundle of sanctions successful place. It took a portion to get everybody to hold to everything, and it's evolved. But I deliberation he's done a terrific job."Ukraine warfare and midterm elections: "It whitethorn really impact the midterms, though. You know, close present it's looking bad, the midterms for Democrats. But my statement to Democrats particularly is that there's a batch of clip to spell earlier November… In June, a mates of things are going to happen. One, we're going to person the hearings connected the January 6th Select Committee. Jamie Raskin conscionable said it's going to stroke the extortion disconnected the house. I deliberation people, Americans, I person this small secret, they similar tv and the hearings volition beryllium connected television…I deliberation there's going to beryllium immoderate beauteous almighty stuff. And I- I bash deliberation that Americans, you know, the Republican Party has conscionable go this anti-Democratic party.""Woke" America and comedy: "I deliberation it has a chilling effect connected comedy. I cognize a batch of standups who won't spell to colleges…the comedians that I always- that I grew up admiring were radical similar Lenny Bruce and George Carlin and Dick Gregory. People who were- would use- would research the borderline of offending people. And that- what radical I deliberation understood that past and that was a affirmative thing…You know, each you request is simply a tiny percent of radical connected field to origin a stink oregon a ruckus. And truthful it doesn't- we're not talking astir needfully 95% of students. You know, and truthful it's conscionable I deliberation it's excessively bad…"

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