AI-Generated NFT Collection to Preserve Ukrainian Art and Offer Humanitarian Support

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Through a planetary conjugation of advocates, integer innovators, artists, and educators, an AI-generated NFT postulation has been established to conserve Ukrainian creation and rise funds for humanitarian aid.

Dubbed MINT FOR UKRAINE, the non-fungible token (NFT) postulation of 1 cardinal artworks is seen arsenic a stepping chromatic toward keeping Ukrainian civilization successful the past books. 

Tymofiy Mylovanov, the President of the Kyiv School of Economics, noted:

“There is nary federation without its culture. Now with the assistance of AI and the blockchain, we person a accidental to marque pieces of Ukraine enactment everlastingly successful the world's history. While we are warring for the state of our country, articulation america successful the combat for our civilization and assistance Ukraine.” 

Minting the NFT creation pieces volition beryllium done for escaped aft creating a wallet and donations channelled done crypto oregon currency of choice. Per the announcement:

“Up to 10% of donations are directed to enactment the Ukrainian civilization (artists and taste institutions), portion the remaining 90% are devoted to humanitarian enactment of Ukraine, done the vetted web of charities.”

Phil Bosua, the creator of the collection, pointed out:

“I deliberation the human/AI collaboration is the adjacent large creation movement. We present person a nonstop enactment from thought to look and we tin make arsenic overmuch creation arsenic we tin imagine. When we brace these ideas with a planetary taste crisis, creation has the quality to origin alteration connected a standard we've not yet imagined.”

The MINT FOR UKRAINE is besides being made a world done a associated effort by OpenSea, the Kyiv School of Economics Foundation, 4 Ukrainian Ministries, Polygon, Artificial Intelligent Mind Collective,, Polygon Studios, and Reface. 

Last month, Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation launched a MetaHistory NFT Museum, a blockchain-based postulation of integer images, to archer the communicative of the Russian penetration of Ukraine.

Image source: Shutterstock