Abbott Elementary Sneak Peek: The Teachers Can't Agree on How to Use Grant Money

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In this exclusive look astatine ABC's Abbott Elementary, spot however the school's teaching staff, played by Quinta Brunson, Tyler James Williams and Sheryl Lee Ralph, maneuvers this year's shenanigans.

Abbott Elementary's Chris Perfetti connected Introducing Character's Sexuality

Paging play two, class is officially backmost successful session. 

In this exclusive clip from the Sept. 28 occurrence of Abbott Elementary, the unit mightiness beryllium acceptable for a caller commencement but the conflict is already existent arsenic the schoolhouse is inactive successful request of an upgrade. 

The sneak peek starts disconnected with Gregory (Tyler James Williams) acknowledging the less-than-ideal somesthesia successful the schoolroom saying, "Summer's expected to beryllium over. Are we definite this AC is on?" 

Jacob (Chris Perfetti) hilariously responds with, "Oh it is on, but I deliberation it's older than Mr. Johnson." 

Also speaking of the beloved janitor, Melissa (Lisa Ann Walter) chimes successful adding, "Yeah and they some have emphysema."

We past spot Gregory rip down a calendar that's intelligibly been connected classroom's partition for ages, a important magnitude of particulate instantly comes falling down, causing the unit to commencement coughing.   

The ever optimistic and solution-oriented Janine (Quinta Brunson) points out, "And that is wherefore we had that up there," suggesting, "Maybe we tin usage immoderate of the assistance wealth to hole that."

Sounds similar a large thought until she's informed by kindergarten teacher Barbara (Sheryl Lee Ralph) that, "We already decided that we were going to usage that wealth for cleaning supplies." 

Though we'll ticker these characters maneuver these schoolroom challenges, the 2nd play of the Emmy award-winning bid volition amusement much "fun" with the teachers. Quinta, who is besides Abbott Elementary's creator, said astatine 2022 San Diego Comic-Con, "We spent a batch of the archetypal play showing what this amusement is susceptible of… Now we get to person immoderate fun. We've done each the building, and present we get to person immoderate of these amusive vessel episodes." 

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You tin study to people with Abbott Elementary Wednesdays connected ABC astatine 9 p.m. ET.

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