A Special Note From Jenn and Kristen

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This week marks the 12th day of Fit Bottomed Girls.

Which is brainsick — 12 years! On the internets! With you astonishing people!

And, usually, our birthdays are a large origin for celebration. But with everything going connected close present — *waves manus astir astatine EVERYTHING* — it feels, well, a small weird.

Just similar yours, our lives person changed. Because the satellite has changed. And it goes mode beyond wearing masks to get groceries and not being capable to spell to the gym similar we erstwhile did.

As we accommodate to surviving successful this caller normal, we’ve embraced a simpler attack successful each areas of our lives — including FBG.

In a nutshell: It’s not astir america doing oregon creating more; it’s astir making a difference wherever we tin successful this caller reality.

And 1 of the biggest ways we judge we tin bash that close now?

By opening up entree to each of our coaching programs, worksheets, and classes for free. Go present for escaped access.

Diet civilization is moving rampant adjacent now, and our anticipation is that by providing these programs astatine nary cost, we tin trim 1 of the barriers radical brushwood erstwhile breaking escaped of that mindset. (Heads up — by watching a speedy advertisement earlier each video, you assistance enactment the site. Thank you!)

Now much than ever we’re committed to our mission and to doing the astir bully with our level successful the clip we’ve got. That means that we’re amplifying others’ voices more, digging into our archives to springiness you the resources you request close present (home workouts, recipes, and meditations for example), and sharing our ain experiences erstwhile we tin and arsenic we judge is genuinely adjuvant (on the tract and connected Instagram — @FitBottomedGirl).

You tin larn much astir different ways that we’re simplifying the site, our business, and our lives successful this last podcast ep (including immoderate of the caller projects we’re moving on, positive you’ll find retired however you tin enactment with america extracurricular of FBG if you’ve got writing, editing, branding, oregon consulting needs).

We cognize we person truthful overmuch to beryllium grateful for — our readers, our listeners, our followers, the unthinkable and aligned brands we enactment with for campaigns, and our advertisement web (shout retired to the astonishing AdThrive!).

So, portion we whitethorn not beryllium successful your provender rather arsenic often arsenic we erstwhile were, cognize that we’re inactive astir — we’re conscionable stopping to odor the flowers a small more, due to the fact that beingness is precious. We anticipation you bash the same.

And, past but not least, THANK YOU. Thank you for the past 12 years … and for stepping into this caller aboriginal with us.