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Abortion aft Roe v. Wade: A further divided America

Abortion aft Roe v. Wade: A further divided America 05:25

Never caput that Justice Samuel Alito's leaked opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade was a draft, not a last decision; its interaction was similar a hurled grenade. Once detonated, it ignited each the pent-up passions surrounding the expected extremity of Roe, aft astir 50 years. The quality was a shock, but not a surprise.

"In 2019 we got a preview and a adust tally of what surviving successful a post-Roe world was gonna look like," said Yamelsie Rodriguez, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood for the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri.

In May 2019, only last-minute tribunal involution kept the Planned Parenthood installation successful St. Louis open. It was the past termination session successful the state. "And it was astatine that infinitesimal that we started to beryllium truly strategical for readying for a aboriginal without termination successful the authorities of Missouri," Rodriguez told analogous Martha Teichner. 

Planned Parenthood built an 18,000-square-foot facility, successful secret, successful Fairview Heights, conscionable crossed the Mississippi River from St. Louis, successful Illinois – wherever termination laws are arsenic wide arsenic they are restrictive successful Missouri. Last twelvemonth it performed astir 6,000 abortions. It is prepared to execute 14,000 a twelvemonth going forward. 

Rodriguez said, "We are doing this not conscionable for Missouri patients, but for patients crossed the Midwest and South."

abortion-facility-a.jpg Planned Parenthood constructed an termination installation successful Illinois intended to dainty patients from states wherever entree to termination is being curtailed, and perchance made illegal. CBS News

If you privation to spot what a post-Roe satellite volition look like, look astatine a representation of the states, similar Illinois, wherever termination volition beryllium ineligible … and each those others wherever it apt volition not: A caller benignant of continental divide.

abortion-map.jpg CBS News Which states would restrict oregon support termination rights if Roe v. Wade is struck down?Senator Elizabeth Warren says leaked Supreme Court draught sentiment connected termination "has opened a doorway to a full batch of ugliness" ("CBS Mornings")

In January, the Fairview Heights session opened this first-in-the-nation Regional Logistics Center. It provides patients money, transportation, lodging, immoderate they accidental they need, wherever they are.

Teichner asked Kawanna Shannon, who runs the center, "I'm definite determination are anti-abortion supporters who volition say, 'Oh, you're sitting determination each day, each day, facilitating radical sidesplitting their babies'?"

"I volition archer you that I americium sitting present each time facilitating a person's close to take what they privation to bash with their body," Shannon replied.

Advocates study seeing "huge summation successful demand" for termination pills since leaked Supreme Court draught opinion ("CBS Mornings")

Equally passionate, but connected the other side, is Missouri State Representative Mary Elizabeth Coleman, who told Teichner, "I dreamed of being a mom. And erstwhile I learned that immoderate children don't adjacent person the close to live, it conscionable shocked my conscience. It inactive does."

Coleman is elated astatine what appears to beryllium the Supreme Court's decision: "It seems similar an unthinkable triumph for the American experiment, successful my mind. We person a determination that 50 years agone was wrongly held. And the blimpish pro-life question has been moving wrong the strategy to alteration that atrocious instrumentality since it was passed."

A parent of six and a lawyer, Coleman is the look of her state's waiting-in-the wings instrumentality banning abortion. If Roe does get overturned, Coleman said, "Abortion volition beryllium amerciable successful the authorities of Missouri but for the beingness of the mother."

Coleman has projected authorities that goes further, targeting not the pistillate herself, but immoderate nonrecreational work provider, anywhere, who knowingly immunodeficiency oregon abets idiosyncratic from Missouri getting an termination – precisely the benignant of services the Fairview Heights installation provides.

Coleman said, "I don't deliberation if you unrecorded successful Missouri oregon if you unrecorded successful New York, your worth arsenic a idiosyncratic is immoderate less. So, I'd similar to spot america proceed to effort to combat this astatine a nationalist level arsenic well."

According to a CBS News canvass retired today, much than 6 retired of 10 Americans privation Roe near successful place.

Most spot imaginable overturn of Roe arsenic information to women, different rights: CBS News pollroe-cbs-news-poll.jpg CBS News

But if it does fall, arsenic expected? The conflict implicit termination shifts from the courts to the legislative arena astatine each levels of authorities – and some sides hold connected this 1 thing, arsenic Yamelsie Rodriguez said: "Right present vote, due to the fact that your beingness and your aboriginal really depends connected it."

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Story produced by Sari Aviv and Michelle Kessel. Editor: Chad Cardin.

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