A blast from the past for the future: Is there room for GM Wuling’s retro Mini EV concept?

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A caller retro conception mentation of the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV has emerged successful China and begs a fig of questions. Will SAIC-GM-Wuling nutrient the retro Mini EV contempt it being a third-party design? Would GM see bringing the fashionable EV to the United States? And lastly, does a lawsuit basal conscionable starting to dip its toed successful the satellite of futuristic EVs privation a retro-looking vehicle?

The Wuling Hongguang Mini EV is simply a artillery electrical microcar that has been sold successful China since 2020. As an extremely affordable BEV enactment produced done the associated task of SAIC-GM-Wuling, the Hongguang Mini EV has skyrocketed successful popularity during its abbreviated clip connected the market.

In little than 2 years, the Mini EV sold implicit 500,000 units to go the lone EV to outsell Tesla successful China. In April 2021, SAIC-GM-Wuling introduced the Mini EV Macaron – a premium, customized variant with exclusive overgarment colors and further features coming standard.

Next comes the convertible mentation called the Mini EV Cabrio, which archetypal debuted astatine the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show. That mentation is scheduled to participate accumulation successful China this year, and volition spot a rebadged exemplary participate Europe arsenic the FreZe Nikrob Cabrio.

The latest quality retired of China includes images of a retro Mini EV concept, and though it remains conscionable a conception for now, SAIC-GM-Wuling’s promotion of the retro benignant EV makes america wonderment if it whitethorn soon beryllium joining the Mini fleet.

The Wuling Hongguang Mini EV compared to a rendering of a retro version

As reported by CarNewsChina, Wuling’s Hongguang Mini EV has received different conception iteration, this clip afloat retro. As acold arsenic we tin tell, Wuling did not plan the retro Mini EV, oregon its images, but the Chinese automaker did beforehand the conception connected its authoritative societal accounts.

Could Wuling beryllium considering bringing this retro Mini EV to the market? Crazier things person happened. As you tin spot from the representation examination above, the retro plan veers a spot from the archetypal Mini EV, peculiarly the beforehand end.

Rounded headlights protrude retired further from the beforehand extremity and are joined by a chrome plated bumper. The signifier of the broadside illustration is astir the aforesaid isolated from partially covered rear wheels. We’ve noticed that the backmost extremity of the retro conception resembles the accumulation mentation astir – peculiarly the process lights which are a adjacent identical match, albeit with a antithetic Wuling logo.

The bumper has been lowered and again plated successful chrome to lucifer the beforehand and much intimately lucifer a coupe from the 1950s. Exterior accents similar a wicker handbasket hanging disconnected the backmost and luggage rack connected the apical springiness this EV the feeling of a retro household stationwagon – each packed into a micro-sized body.

There is nary authoritative connection from Wuling that it volition beryllium producing the retro Mini EV, but the automaker decidedly hasn’t changeable down the thought yet. This is the aforesaid institution that launched a “Gameboy Edition” of the Mini EV due to the fact that the Macaron’s lawsuit basal has been dominantly female.

Are Chinese consumers funny successful a retro benignant EV that inactive serves modern time functions without those pesky emissions? For nether $5,000, we say, “Why not?”

Electrek’s Take

Concept oregon not, this is simply a chill rotation connected a wildly fashionable BEV successful China. The Chinese outlets look to deliberation that there’s a genuine anticipation that SAIC-GM-Wuling gets this retro Mini EV made, contempt it being designed by a 3rd party.

The standard, much modern-day-looking mentation of the Mini EV continues to predominate income successful China and has made its mode implicit to Europe arsenic well. With GM arsenic portion of the associated venture, volition we spot this micro EV successful the United States arsenic well? Despite those large and arrogant Mini and Fiat fans stateside (respect), North America has a documented past of preferring larger SUVs alternatively than tiny NEVs (RIP astute car US).

Realistically, it mightiness beryllium pugnacious for immoderate iteration of the Mini EV to walk information standards successful the United States, truthful it feels similar a agelong shot. However, the thought that smaller EVs person go truthful affordable that you tin bargain a retro mentation of 1 for a fraction of the outgo of a full-sized car is enticing.

I don’t spot the Mini EV selling anyplace other arsenic good arsenic it does successful China, but for the price, I could spot it arsenic a amusive small artifact for radical to commute with and cruise astir moving errands. In the United States, you’d decidedly get much retro customers than those funny successful the “Gameboy Edition.”

Not that there’s thing incorrect with either of them, but if you’re going to marque a tiny video crippled EV, wherefore not marque 1 that looks similar 1 of its parents was a 1950s TV set? Could you ideate the Griswolds driving astir successful this happening during National Lampoons Vacation?

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