20,000 Child Car Seats Recalled Because of Choking Hazard

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April 21, 2022

More than 20,000 kid car seats person been recalled due to the fact that escaped pieces of foam successful the spot tin origin a choking hazard, Good Morning America reported.

The callback covers CYBEX Sirona M Convertible Child Car Seats manufactured betwixt November 3, 2017, and August 31, 2018, and includes exemplary numbers 518000385, 518002153, 518000387, 518002145, 518002149, 518002151, and 519000211, GMA reported.

The callback was posted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which says pieces of foam from the headrest pad could make a choking hazard for children. Information is connected the NHTSA’s listing of kid spot recalls.

The NHTSA said Columbus Trading-Partners USA Inc “will message a kit with instructions connected however to seal the headrest foam, escaped of charge. Owner notification letters are expected to beryllium mailed May 9, 2022. Owners whitethorn interaction CTP lawsuit work astatine 1-877-242-5676.”

Callers volition request to cognize the day of manufacture and exemplary fig of their car seat.