19 cannons found in river likely sunk during Revolutionary War

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A warehouse on the Savannah River is holding humanities treasures that grounds suggests remained mislaid for much than 240 years - a cache of 19 cannons that researchers fishy came from British ships scuttled to the stream bottommost during the American Revolution.

The mud- and rust-encrusted guns were discovered by accident. A dredge scooping sediment from the riverbed past twelvemonth arsenic portion of a $973 cardinal deepening of Savannah's engaged shipping transmission surfaced with 1 the cannons clasped successful its metallic jaws. The unit soon dug up 2 more.

Cannons Found American Revolution A cannon encrusted successful rust and mud sits wrong a warehouse operated by the Army Corps of Engineers successful Savannah, Ga., connected Thursday, April 28, 2022. Russ Bynum / AP

Archaeologists guessed they were perchance leftover relics from a sunken Confederate gunship excavated a fewer years earlier successful the aforesaid area, said Andrea Farmer, an archaeologist for the Army Corps of Engineers. But experts for the U.S. Navy recovered they didn't lucifer immoderate known cannons utilized successful the Civil War. Further probe indicates they're apt astir a period older and sank during the buildup to the Revolutionary War's bloody siege of Savannah successful 1779.

In a timeframe of conscionable implicit a year, 19 cannons were hoisted from the aforesaid country of the stream a fewer miles downstream from Savannah, wherever Georgia was founded arsenic the past of Britain's 13 American colonies successful 1733.

"They're successful remarkably bully shape," Farmer said. "Many were buried successful clay and covered by silt and debris that benignant of protected them."

Now officials with the U.S. and British governments, arsenic good arsenic the authorities of Georgia, are moving unneurotic connected an statement to sphere the recently recovered guns earlier putting them connected display. Commodore Philip Nash of the British Royal Navy, a subject attache based successful Washington, viewed the artifacts submerged successful metallic tubs of h2o during a sojourn Thursday.

"Some of these pieces are successful astonishing information and I'm definite could archer immoderate stories," Nash said. "So the squad present (is) evidently doing large enactment to retrieve those and sphere them for the future."

Cannons Found American Revolution Commodore Philip Nash, left, of the British Royal Navy, gets a briefing from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers archaeologist Andrea Farmer connected Thursday, April 28, 2022, successful Savannah, Ga. Russ Bynum / AP

The cannons are being kept successful h2o to forestall further deterioration until experts tin cautiously cleanable them. Meanwhile, researchers are looking for much definitive impervious linking the cannons to British ships from the American Revolution.

Farmer said researchers are precise assured of the connection. Savannah had been nether British concern for astir a twelvemonth by the autumn of 1779, erstwhile colonists planned an onslaught to retake the metropolis with assistance from French and Haitian allies.

When French ships carrying troops were spotted disconnected the Georgia coast, the British hurried to scuttle astatine slightest six ships successful the Savannah River downstream from the metropolis to artifact the French vessels. The onshore conflict that followed was 1 of the bloodiest of the war. British forces killed astir 300 assemblage fighters and their allies, portion wounding hundreds more.

Farmer said researchers fishy the cannons recovered successful the stream came from the British vessel HMS Savannah and perchance a 2nd vessel scuttled astatine the aforesaid time, the HMS Venus. The longer guns look to lucifer cannons manufactured successful France during the mid-1700s, she said. Researchers are looking for vessel logs and manifests successful hopes of confirming the armaments aboard those ships.

It's besides imaginable the cannons themselves and different artifacts recovered astatine the tract - pieces of anchors and a information of a ship's doorbell - erstwhile cleaned mightiness carnivore markings oregon different clues to which vessel they belonged to. The wood from those ships, Farmer said, decayed agelong agone oregon got destroyed by anterior dredging projects implicit a bid of decades.

The question of who owns the artifacts gets a small murky. They were recovered successful authorities waters of Georgia during a dredging task headed by the Army Corps, a U.S. authorities agency. The British authorities could marque an ownership assertion if there's beardown grounds the artifacts came from British ships.

Farmer said each of those parties are moving connected an statement to sphere the cannons and yet person them displayed astatine the Savannah History Museum, which incorporates the battlefield wherever the bloodiest warring occurred during the 1779 siege.

"Everybody wants to support the artifacts successful Savannah," Farmer said, "because that makes the astir sense."

This is not the archetypal humanities warfare find successful the Savannah River. In 2015, the armored skeleton of the Confederate warship CSS Georgia was raised to the surface. After 150 years astatine the bottommost of the Savannah River, Navy divers recovered cannons, unexploded shells and an estimated 250,000 pounds of the Civil War ironclad's armored siding.

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