16 Books to Add to Your Beach Bag This June

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 June Books

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Summertime and the speechmaking is easy.

The sunshine play is upon america this period and you cognize what that means: All the formation reads! June is jam-packed with caller books from immoderate of our favourite authors, including the queen of Nantucket Elin Hilderbrand, thriller deliverer Riley Sager and Sloane Crosley, who returned to the novel after releasing 3 collections of essays. Whether you are successful the temper for a swoon-worthy rom-com oregon a juicy mystery, we've got conscionable the page-turner for you—because friends don't fto friends spell to the formation without a publication successful their bag. 

So, earlier you caput disconnected connected an escapade this summer, you should decidedly commencement stocking up by buying carnal copies of our picks or—because, you know, technology—pulling them up connected Kindle Unlimited oregon done a escaped proceedings of Audible. 

Here are 16 caller books to cheque retired this month: 

Cult Classic by Sloane Crosley

A romanticist drama acceptable wrong a cult? Crosley penned the crossover we ne'er knew we needed successful her archetypal fabrication publication since 2015's The Clasp. Lola is simply a 38-year-old pistillate whose interior reluctance astir marrying her fiancé leads to her moving into galore of her ex-boyfriends, each wrong the aforesaid portion of the Lower East Side of New York. But it isn't a coincidence her best friend, a mag exertion turned mystical guru, seems to person a vested involvement successful the result of her emotion life. (June 7)

Counterfeit by Kirstin Chen

Two Asian American women travel unneurotic to turn a counterfeit handbag strategy into a planetary endeavor successful this razor-sharp and witty instrumentality connected mixing manner and pistillate friendships from the author of Bury What We Cannot Take. The communicative becomes a caper erstwhile 1 of them disappears and the different is near to woody with the consequences erstwhile their empire begins to crumble. Did we notation determination was a fierce bidding warfare betwixt 8 studios for the TV rights to Counterfeit, with Sony Pictures Television's yet landing the existent deal? (June 7)

So Happy For You by Celia Laskey

A wedding play for a queer maid of grant becomes an existent nightmare successful Laskey's campy, captivating and somewhat creepy exploration of the complexities of pistillate friendships and the wedding concern complex. (June 7)

The Woman successful the Library by Sulari Gentill

Expect to find much twists and turns than a Simone Biles level regular erstwhile the Boston Public Library is unopen down aft a murder. But, arsenic 4 strangers sitting astatine a array unneurotic statesman forming friendships arsenic they await answers, it becomes wide that 1 of them is the culprit. Looks similar words truly tin kill. (June 7)

The Mutual Friend by Carter Bays

The co-creator of How I Met Your Mother delivers delightful, un-put-downable and legen—wait for it!—dary emotion stories successful his debut novel. Set successful New York City successful the summertime of 2015, the publication follows a tapestry of twentysomethings arsenic they navigate dating, friendships, nonaccomplishment and spirituality—that is if they tin ever look up from their telephone screens. (June 7)

It All Comes Down to This by Therese Ann Fowler

There's thing rather similar the enslaved betwixt sisters, particularly erstwhile their dying parent asks them to reunite to merchantability their family's summertime cottage connected Mount Desert Island, Maine. The 3 Gellar siblings already person their ain secrets and struggles, including marital issues, indebtedness and insecurities, before a con-man comes successful to complicate matters adjacent further successful this big-hearted household saga that has modern shades of Jane Austen and Edith Wharton. (June 7)

The Hotel Nantucket by Elin Hilderbrand

It's conscionable not summertime without a sojourn to Nantucket courtesy of the undisputed queen of the formation read. In her 28th(!) novel, Hilderbrand checks readers into a precocious renovated edifice that is stocked with compelling characters, irresistible emotion stories, clever tie-ins to immoderate of her erstwhile books (including The Blue Bistro and Golden Girl) and, ohio yeah, a teenage ghost. We situation you to effort and support a grin disconnected your look portion devouring this sun-soaked story. (June 14)

The Bridesmaid Union by Jonathan Vatner

Being a bridesmaid is nary casual task, which is wherefore a fed-up Iris takes to the Internet to vent and soon discovers she's not alone. After becoming the moderator of a Facebook radical filled with other women hungry to stock their ain fearfulness stories, Iris soon discovers the Bridesmaid Union becomes harder to control, each portion begrudgingly agreeing to service arsenic her spoiled sister's maid of honor. And we deliberation the radical would decidedly find her increasing feelings for the groom post-worthy. (June 14)

Vacationland by Meg Mitchell Moore

The writer of Two Truths and a Lie is taking readers connected a travel to midcoast Maine successful her latest release, an engrossing communicative astir 1 family's unforgettable summer. Tackling topics similar motherhood, ambition, betrayal and death, Moore delivers different delicious formation work conscionable waiting to beryllium filled with sand. (June 14)

Flying Solo by Linda Holmes

After her wedding is canceled and connected the cusp of her 40th birthday, Laurie returns to her small hometown successful Maine (So blistery close now!) to grip the property of her great-aunt, a spirited adventurer who lived to beryllium 93. When she discovers a mysterious woody duck and enactment successful her belongings, Laurie finds herself swept up successful a caper to uncover the communicative portion besides reconnecting with aged friends and a mislaid love. (June 14)

Local Gone Missing by Fiona Barton

Tension betwixt the hardworking locals and the affluent weekenders was already festering successful the small seaside municipality of Ebbin. But erstwhile a antheral disappears astatine a euphony festival, detective Elise King discovers acheronian secrets and shocking connections among the unsocial formed of characters successful this compulsive enigma that volition person you pushing your bedtime, promising to work conscionable 1 much chapter. (June 14)

The House Across the Lake by Riley Sager

We are still not implicit Sager's Survive the Night, 1 of our favourite books from past year. So, yes, our expectations were precocious erstwhile we checked into The House Across the Lake. Fortunately, the thrills and chills are each contiguous and accounted for successful this communicative of Casey Fletcher, a widowed histrion connected a year-long bender hiding retired successful Vermont, and Katherine, the erstwhile supermodel she saves from drowning. But erstwhile Katherine disappears and each signs constituent to her tech mogul hubby being responsible, Casey discovers shocking secrets that lurk beneath the aboveground of their lives and her own. (June 21)

The Lies I Tell by Julia Clark

Ten years ago, Kat's beingness was upended erstwhile a con-woman takes vantage of her and disappears. Now, erstwhile Meg (or is it Melody? Sometimes it's Maggie!) resurfaces, she yet has the accidental to exposure her. But arsenic the 2 women turn closer, Kat discovers things are acold much analyzable than she could person ever imagined successful this electrifying cat-and-mouse thriller. (June 21)

The Catch by Alison Fairbrother

After her precocious begetter leaves her a seemingly meaningless acquisition and offers his prized posession to a idiosyncratic she's ne'er heard of, a young pistillate searches for answers astir her household successful this achingly bittersweet debut. (June 21)

The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston

Prepare for the quirkiest emotion communicative of the summertime arsenic Poston takes ghosting to a full caller level—literally—in this hauntingly romanticist and quirky read. When uninspired millennial ghostwriter Florence returns location for her father's funeral, things instrumentality a crook for the paranormal erstwhile her infuriatingly handsome exertion shows up astatine the funeral...as a specter. (June 28)

One of the Girls by Lucy Clarke

Doesn't a bachelorette travel connected a Greek land with six of your friends dependable idyllic? Well, beryllium cautious what you privation for arsenic the enactment turns deadly for 1 subordinate successful Clarke's latest intelligence thriller. Mimosas and execution ne'er paired truthful good together. (June 28)

Feeling the request for adjacent much reads? Check out our picks from May.

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