15 shocking moments from Johnny Depp's testimony

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Johnny Depp testified for three days this week successful the proceedings implicit his suit against his ex-wife Amber Heard. Depp is suing Heard for libel, alleging that she falsely portrayed him arsenic a home abuser and harmed his lucrative acting career. The assertion centers astir a 2018 op-ed Heard wrote successful the Washington Post successful which she made references to suffering abuse, but did not sanction Depp. 

On the stand, Depp said helium ne'er deed Heard and that helium has ne'er struck a woman. He accused Heard of maltreatment and besides spoke extensively astir his ain issues with drugs and alcohol. Here is simply a look astatine immoderate of the astir shocking moments from the proceedings truthful far.

1. Depp said helium painted with the humor connected his digit aft it was chopped during a combat with Heard

During his testimony, Depp alleged that during a convulsive statement successful Australia successful 2015, Heard threw 2 vodka bottles astatine him and erstwhile 1 exploded, it sliced his digit to the constituent wherever bony was exposed. He claimed it resulted the extremity of his mediate digit being chopped off. 

Depp said aft being cut, helium wrote connected the walls with his humor and past dipped his digit successful overgarment to support writing. He said: "The humor had dried arsenic it were, and truthful I stuck my digit into a tin of overgarment and besides mineral spirits to enactment my verbal messages onto the wall."

2. Lawyers asked Depp astir things helium wrote during the incident

Depp said helium wrote "reminders" connected a reflector aft Heard filmed a movie with histrion Billy Bob Thornton. Photos of the reflector showed the words "Billy Bob and Easy Amber." 

He was besides asked during his grounds if helium drew a penis connected a painting. "I don't cognize astir that. I don't retrieve drafting a penis connected a painting," helium said. When asked if helium forgot, fixed the authorities helium was in, Depp said: "Drawing a penis was not the archetypal happening connected my mind. I had messages. Reminders."

He besides wrote connected a lampshade, a photograph of which was besides shown during the trial. "On this lampshade, which appears to beryllium sitting connected the ground, you write, successful immoderate substance of humor oregon paint, 'Good luck and beryllium cautious astatine top,'" Heard's lawyer asked. 

"Yes, correct," Depp said. "Yes, I thought it was bully advice." 

3. Audio of Heard discussing alleged harm from Depp was played

Audio was played during the proceedings successful which Heard spoke to Depp astir the alleged harm helium had done to her. "By the way, my family, my friends, everyone astir maine saw each the bruises, a breached humor vas nether my eye, bruises connected my head, the missing chunks of hair, the divided lip, the achromatic eye, the swollen nose," she said. 

4. An representation of a bruise Depp allegedly received from Heard was shown

Depp claimed Heard "roundhouse punched" him, which resulted successful a bruise nether his eye. He besides claimed that during the altercation, helium thought she wounded her ft connected a doorway and erstwhile helium went to cheque connected her, "she kicked the bath doorway into my head."

"And I was wholly taken aback by specified a corrosive horrific move," helium said.

Actor Johnny Depp alleged Wednesday successful his libel suit against his ex-wife Amber Heard that she "kicked the bath doorway into my head" during an argument.

"I was wholly taken aback by specified a corrosive, horrific move." pic.twitter.com/JnQuLRewDV

— CBS News (@CBSNews) April 20, 2022
5. Depp speculated wherefore Disney chopped ties with him

Heard's lawyer said reports of Disney cutting ties with Depp came earlier Heard's 2018 op-ed was published. "Were you alert that it was being reported, arsenic it is successful this nonfiction that 'Johnny Depp is retired arsenic Jack Sparrow successful Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise arsenic histrion battles fiscal issues and idiosyncratic dramas?' Were you alert of that?" helium asked Depp. 

"I wasn't alert of that but it doesn't astonishment maine fixed 2 years had gone by of conscionable changeless worldwide speech astir being this woman beater," helium said, alleging Heard publically defamed him. "So I'm definite that Disney was trying to chopped ties to beryllium safe. The MeToo question was successful afloat plaything astatine that point."

6. Video played of Depp saying, "Want to spot crazy, I'll springiness you [expletive] crazy"

A video of Depp and Heard arguing, during which helium becomes aggressive, was played during the trial. Depp is seen pouring vino portion angrily asking: "Want to spot crazy, I'll springiness you [expletive] crazy. I got your crazy. All you're crazy." 

He past notices she is signaling and tussles with her, during which the video cuts out. Depp confirmed to Heard's lawyer during questioning that it was him successful the video and it was astatine his West Hollywood home. "And you would agree, that you were convulsive successful that clip, correct?" the lawyer asks. 

"Clearly I was having a atrocious time," Depp replied. He said Heard illegally recorded him, adding, "I did battle a mates of cabinets but I did not interaction Ms. Heard."

When asked if helium was drunk erstwhile the video was taken, Depp said it was possible. "You poured yourself a mega pint of reddish wine, correct?" the lawyer asked. 

"A mega pint?" Depp replied, laughing. "I poured myself a ample solid of wine. I thought it necessary."

Analyzing Johnny Depp's defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard 05:28 7. Depp was asked astir taking drugs with Marilyn Manson

"Um. Yes, we've drank together," Depp said, erstwhile asked if helium had done drugs with vocalist Marilyn Manson. "We've had cocaine unneurotic a mates of times." Manson, whose existent sanction is Brian Hugh Warner, has been accused of intersexual misconduct by aggregate women. 

When asked if helium took pills with Manson, Depp said: "I erstwhile gave Marilyn Manson a pill truthful that helium would halt talking truthful much."

8. Texts from Depp to his person and sister were shown: "Too overmuch of the drink"

Text messages from Depp to his person Paul Bettany uncover helium told the histrion astir an juncture wherever helium drank excessively overmuch astir Heard. Heard's lawyer work the substance retired loud. "You whitethorn person to portion for me," Depp wrote to Bettany. "I, of course, pounded and displayed disfigured colors to Amber connected a caller journey. I americium an insane person. And not truthful just headed aft excessively overmuch of the drink. Weed, pills, fine. Booze? My capableness is excessively ample and won't stop. Ugly and sad. Oh, however I emotion it."

Texts to his sister, Christi, were besides shared arsenic evidence. "She wants to speech to me, she doesn't cognize what to do. Loves you, but doesn't ever cognize what to do. She's disquieted astir it all," Christi wrote to Depp astir Heard. 

"It was not pleasant today. I wasn't alert she had different [expletive] photoshoot tomorrow. That's truly wherefore she [expletive] left. I don't request histrion [expletive] and her [expletive] ambition," Depp wrote back. 

9. Audio was played wherever Heard alleges Depp head-butted her

In an audio recording, Heard questions Depp wherefore helium tin head-butt her but helium took contented with her screaming. 

Depp said helium would "vehemently disagree" with the allegation, adding that helium was trying to restrain her. He said their heads apt bumped erstwhile she was moving astir arsenic helium restrained her.

10. Photo of ample bags of marijuana was shown

Heard's lawyer showed Depp a photograph of astatine slightest 4 ample bags of marijuana adjacent to a cupful with the logo of his movie company, Infinitum Nihil. Depp confirmed the photograph was taken astatine his signaling studio.

11. Depp admitted to trashing edifice rooms successful the past

"You've trashed edifice rooms earlier simply due to the fact that you've had a atrocious mates days and an unpleasant time," Heard's lawyer asked Depp.

"Correct. I person assaulted a sofa oregon two. Yes, sir," Depp replied. When asked if helium has expressed himself done destructive behavior, Depp agreed. 

Heard's lawyer asked, "And you'd said successful an interrogation 1 time, you said the following, quote: 'You know, you person atrocious days, and you know, immoderate guys spell play golf, immoderate guys you know, smash edifice rooms.' You've said that before, right?" 

"As a joke," Depp replied. He said doesn't judge he's the lone idiosyncratic to person punched a doorway oregon breached thing during an "internal bout" with himself.

12. Texts uncover Depp referred to Heard with disparaging language

Heard's lawyer questioned Depp astir texts sent successful April 2015 to idiosyncratic called "sis," who whitethorn person been Heard's sister, Depp testified. 

"I never, ever privation to laic eyes connected that filthy whore," Depp texted. "Amber a astir embarrassing." 

"And erstwhile you called Amber 'that filthy whore,' she was your woman astatine the time, correct?" the lawyer asked. 

"Yes, sir," Depp replied. 

13. Depp said his parent abused him

Depp said during his childhood, carnal maltreatment from his parent was "constant," with maltreatment coming successful the signifier of ashtrays being flung oregon a high-heeled footwear oregon telephone being utilized to bushed him. He said Depp helium wanted to marque definite his children didn't acquisition that benignant of upbringing.

Actor Johnny Depp takes the stand, testifies against ex-wife Amber Heard 03:46 14. Depp spoke astir Elton John trying to get him sober

"Elton John was 1 of your friends who was trying to assistance you get sober, correct?" Heard's lawyer asked, which Depp confirmed. "And you sent him a connection successful 2012 wherever you thanked him for his assistance and you said, quote, 'I would person been swallowed up by the monster were it not for you? That is simply a elemental fact.' Isn't that true?"

"Yes. Again, the monster referring to intoxicant and substances," Depp said. 

The connection monster was utilized astatine different constituent successful the trial, erstwhile Depp said Heard called him a monster erstwhile helium was connected drugs and intoxicant — and that she continued to usage it erstwhile helium was "stone acold sober of intoxicant and substances speech from my meds," helium said. 

15. Depp alleged Heard near fecal substance successful their bed

Depp said portion Heard was astatine Coachella, helium decided to spell to the penthouse they shared and battalion his things erstwhile she wasn't home. His bodyguard warned him fecal substance was recovered near successful the bed.

"That was arsenic absurd and grotesque and cruel and past I was shown a representation of what the occupation was," Depp said during the trial. 

He said Heard kept denying it, blaming it connected their tiny dogs, but helium was convinced she was lying.

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