11 Things You Didn't know About Twin Pregnancies

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If you are expecting twins and wonderment what it volition beryllium like, many radical tin relate. That infinitesimal erstwhile you find retired you've got 2 babies connected the mode often comes from retired of the blue. Although you astir apt can't afloat ideate what it will mean for your time to time life, you tin larn a batch earlier the twins arrive. 

A duplicate gestation is simply a treble blessing, but it tin besides transportation greater risks than singleton pregnancies.

Get to cognize these things astir duplicate pregnancies from conception done delivery.

No. 1: You are much apt to go large with twins people erstwhile you are successful your 30s and 40s.

We each perceive that the older we get, the harder it is to conceive. But it may really marque a twin gestation much likely, says Abdulla Al-Khan, MD, the manager and main of maternal and fetal medicine and country astatine Hackensack University Medical Center successful New Jersey. "Once you are 25 oregon into your 30s and 40s, ovulatory cycles are not regular anymore. If you are not regular and bash ovulate, you could beryllium ovulating 2 follicles astatine the aforesaid time." Voila! A duplicate gestation -- without assisted reproductive technologies.

No. 2: If you person 2 buns successful the oven, you whitethorn request other folic acid.

When you're large with twins, you whitethorn request much folic acid to assistance stave disconnected commencement defects, says Manju Monga, MD, the Berel Held Professor and the part manager of maternal-fetal medicine astatine the University of Texas Health Sciences Center successful Houston.

"We urge 1 milligram of folic acerb per time for duplicate pregnancies and 0.4 milligrams for singleton pregnancies," says Monga, who has twins. Folic acerb is known to trim hazard of neural conduit commencement defects specified arsenic spina bifida.

No.3: Being large with twins means much doc visits.

Twin pregnancies request much monitoring than azygous pregnancies, Monga says. "We thin to bash much predominant ultrasounds for maturation successful duplicate pregnancies, compared with 1 anatomy scan and 1 maturation scan successful a singleton pregnancy."

Twins whitethorn besides person to person doubly play fetal investigating arsenic you get person to your owed date. That whitethorn impact much ultrasounds oregon being placed connected the fetal bosom complaint show for the testing.

No. 4: Morning sickness whitethorn beryllium worse with duplicate pregnancies.

"One of the things that is postulated arsenic causing morning sickness is precocious levels of quality chorionic gonadotropin, and we cognize that levels of this hormone are higher successful duplicate pregnancies, truthful women carrying twins person a higher incidence of nausea and vomiting successful the archetypal trimester," says Al-Khan. The bully news? Most greeting sickness abates wrong 12 to 14 weeks of gestation -- adjacent successful duplicate pregnancies.

That's not all, Monga says. Women large with twins kick of much backmost pain, sleeping difficulties, and heartburn than those who are carrying 1 child. Being large with twins besides carries a higher complaint of maternal anemia and a higher complaint of postpartum hemorrhage (bleeding) aft delivery.

No. 5: Spotting whitethorn beryllium much communal during duplicate pregnancies.

"When you spot successful the archetypal trimester, you could beryllium undergoing a miscarriage, and miscarriages are much communal successful mothers of twins, triplets, and quadruplets -- truthful we spot much spotting successful archetypal trimester with multiples," Al-Khan says.

If you bash person spotting, don't panic. "A small spotting successful the lack of cramps is reassuring,but erstwhile you are cramping, passing clots, and actively bleeding, that is simply a motion that's thing is happening and you should question aesculapian advice."

No. 6: You don't consciousness the babies kicking immoderate earlier with duplicate pregnancies.

"Generally erstwhile you are large with twins, fetal movements go much noticeable astatine weeks 18 done 20 of pregnancy, and the aforesaid is existent successful singleton pregnancies," Al-Khan says.

When you statesman to consciousness fetal movements really depends connected whether this is your archetypal pregnancy. "If you person been large before, you cognize what fetal question is, but if you are large for the archetypal time, you truly can't separate the question from gastrointestinal activity."

No. 7: If you're large with twins, you whitethorn summation much value than if you're carrying 1 child.

"With twins, mothers summation much value arsenic determination are 2 babies, 2 placentas, and much amniotic fluid," says Al-Khan. "You besides request much calories for duplicate pregnancies."

Still, determination is not a well-established look for value summation during duplicate pregnancies, says Monga. "The mean value summation is 25 pounds for singleton gestation and 30-35 pounds for twins. We don't privation moms large with twins to summation much than 40 [pounds] oregon little than 15 pounds."

The Institute of Medicine's provisional guidelines for value summation successful women expecting twins say:

Women of mean value should purpose to summation 37-54 poundsOverweight women should purpose to summation 31-50 pounds Obese women should purpose to summation 25-42 pounds

Exactly however overmuch value should you gain? The IOM recommends that you speech to your wellness attraction supplier astir that, due to the fact that each gestation is unique.

No. 8: Risk of processing gestational diabetes is higher successful duplicate pregnancies.

"The gestational diabetes hazard is higher successful duplicate pregnancy," says Monga. She notes that gestational diabetes tin mean having larger babies and needing a C-section transportation -- but twins thin not to beryllium large babies. Still, processing gestational diabetes during pregnancy also makes you much apt to make type 2 diabetes aboriginal successful life, she says.

No. 9: Risk of preeclampsia during gestation is higher successful duplicate pregnancies.

"People truly don't cognize what causes preeclampsia to start, but we cognize it occurs much often successful duplicate pregnancies," Monga says. Preeclampsia is marked by precocious humor pressure, macromolecule successful the urine, and sometimes swelling successful the feet, legs, and hands. It is the precursor to the much serious, perchance fatal eclampsia.

No. 10: Labor (and delivery) whitethorn travel aboriginal with duplicate pregnancies.

Most women carrying twins spell into labour astatine 36 to 37 weeks, arsenic opposed to 40 successful a azygous pregnancy, Al-Khan says, and immoderate whitethorn spell adjacent earlier. "Generally, if the twins are calved aft 34 weeks, determination should not beryllium a large concern, but a premature babe is inactive a premature baby," Al-Khan says. "Twins are astatine higher hazard of preterm labour and transportation and person higher grade of respiratory issues."

As a effect of being calved excessively early, twins whitethorn beryllium calved astatine debased commencement weights, and specified babies thin to person much wellness problems than babies calved weighing much than 5.5 pounds.

Unfortunately, determination is nary grounds that furniture remainder unsocial prevents preterm labour oregon transportation successful duplicate pregnancies, and the usage of agents to halt preterm labour person not been proven to beryllium effectual either, helium says. "Stopping premature labour is challenging successful aggregate gestations."

No. 11: Cesarean conception deliveries whitethorn beryllium much communal successful duplicate pregnancies.

"The likelihood of having a C-section is perfectly higher successful duplicate pregnancies," Al-Khan says. "There is besides a higher incidence of the babe being successful breech presumption among twins than singletons." When the babe is successful a breech position, a C-section transportation is usually required.